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 MythClan Info

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PostSubject: MythClan Info    Mon May 18, 2015 6:49 am

Mythclan is a powerful clan made of trust and strength from the clan members. They are a well known and historic clan, proud of their heritage and their clan.

>Each is a master in a element of magic (Leader and co leader two)
>All must master a healing spell (Except Apprentices)
>Magic restoration is quicker

>Basically being human
>Lack of food during seasons
>Facing the elements
>Dependable at times

Leader: Sinbad
Age: 30-31
Gender: Male
Race: Mage
Power: Fire and Darkness

Personality: Sinbad is a charming and just leader, noble and protective of his clan. He is a strong leader, and although at times he can be seen as laid back, he is cunning, and works to favour his clan.

Deputy: Lyanna (Main)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Mage
Power: Fire and Life Magic
Personality: Strict, fair, just and cunning. She is protective and has a strong sense in justice. Loves nature and her clan
Other: She used to from a tribe who trained in combat and developed great physical strength, until she was taken from her homeland as a child along with her brother Red. She was a slave for years until Sinbad freed her and took her to his clan.

Medic: Moro
Gender: female
Age: 42
Race: Mage
power: Wind


Name: Red
Age: 26-27
Gender: Male
Race: Mage
Element: Wind

Red doesn't really speak much, but he is a devoted member of the clan, and will protect it with his life. He used to from a tribe who trained in combat and developed great physical strength, until he was taken from his homeland as a child with his sister Lyanna . He remained a slave until Sinbad freed him and his sister.

Name: Arya  (Main)
Age: 19
Gender: female
Race: Mage
Power: Water/Ice

Personality: Free-spirited, curious, stubborn, laid back and adventurous

Her Beast:
Name: Fizzgig
Gender: Male
Age: Pup
Race: Foundling
Skills: Acute Senses, his fur can change to camouflage himself  

Personality: Like his owner, fizzgig is extremrly curious and adventurous, he is mischievous and adores sweet things

Name: Asher  (Main)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Power: Lightning/Energy

Personality: He is a young man who keeps to himself, and is loyal to his clan. He is free spirited and adventurous, his best friend is Arya. Due to an attack on his village before he joined the clan, the left side of his jaw is nothing but bone and rotten flesh.  

Crow (Deceased)
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Mage
Power: Earth

He was framed for murdering his wife and child, and is on a search for the true killer. He met Sinbad, and gave him a home.


Name: Ivy
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Race: Halfbreed (Half Demon/Mage)
Skills: Fire (and turn into pup sized wolves)
Family: Lyanna and Drogo (Parents) Draco (younger brother)  
Personality: Firey, perky, hyped, curious and adventurous, cheeky.
Appearance: (On Left)

Name: Draco
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Race: Halfbreed (Half Demon/Mage)
Element: Wind (turn into pup sized wolf)
Family: Lyanna and Drogo (Parents) Ivy (Older sister)
Personality: Timid, clingy, anxious and naive


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MythClan Info
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