Care for a bite?

Want to be a vampire feeding on the red Delicious warm blood of the living? Or perhaps howl at the moon along with your pack and hunt. Maybe you want to be a warrior of the underworld and bring chaos, or feed upon the souls of humans? If so... join
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PostSubject: ::DuskClan::   Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:17 am


Leader( main ): Arinx. Male. 35. Long red hair and green eyes. Ruthless and sadistic. Really only cares for his own clan. Hates half breeds. Father to Alluin.

Name: Ragnarock
Age: Unknown
Gender: male
Element: Fire and rock
Personailty: Alot like his rider.

Deputy (main): Drogo. 26. Matches his leaders personailty well. Aspires to be leader someday. Always joins in a battle when there is one.

Name: Fissure
Age: 30000
Gender: male
Element Rock
Personailty: Laid back, Enjoys just watching events rather than participating but will jump to defend his rider if needed

Medicine: Drake. Short brown hair. Brown eyes. 32. male. the oldest in the clan. can be very grouchy and doesnt get along well with other medical people.


Alluin (main). 29. Daughter to arnix. Easily pissed off. Hostile to others. Often plans ahead but knows when shes beaten. Not much is known about her past. She is a half demon

Name: Raza
Gender: female
Age: unknown
Element: Fire and rock
Personailty: Simmilar to Ragarock as she is his daughter

Reaper. 29. Quiet and rather cold to others.
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