Care for a bite?

Want to be a vampire feeding on the red Delicious warm blood of the living? Or perhaps howl at the moon along with your pack and hunt. Maybe you want to be a warrior of the underworld and bring chaos, or feed upon the souls of humans? If so... join
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PostSubject: CursedClan    Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:35 am

.:Fallen Angels:.

Once they were God's favourite angels, but their sins caused them to be forsaken and classed as 'tainted'. Rising from the Ashes of hell, this new clan establishes itself, and crushes those against it.


>Immortals (Killed by extracting their wings, or sealed away)
>Wings are like steel


>Having their wings Extracted kills them
>Lack of food, they feast on souls and 'life'
>Limited to one curse with limitations of their own
>Each member has a 'seal' on their necks, forcing their loyalty to their leader

Their Home/Base



Name: Alucard
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Sin: Wrath
Curse: Berserker (Immense strength and power, cannot tell friend from foe)
Personality: utterly insane, obsessed with purity and despises half bloods. He is ruthless, sadistic and cruel

Other: Father of Thanatos and Hypnos, grandfather of Dexter

Name: Thanatos
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Sin: Greed
Curse: Re-quip. Dex can re-quip various armours and weapons, changing takes its toll on his strength, and he must place his mark on said item.(like ezra)
Personality: Greedy, selfish, cunning, callous and twisted.

Other: Father to Dexter, son of Alucard and brother of Hypnos


Name: Dexter/Dex (Main)
Age: 300+
Gender: Male
Sin: pride
Curse: Can copy and use another power for a short time, and can only copy one at a time.
Personality: Laid back, flirtatious, cunning, proud of his clan and family, vain of his power at times, joker and cocky at times. immensely loyal

Other: Son of Thanatos, grandson of Alucard, nephew of Hypnos and childhood friend of Lily

Name: Lilith/Lily (Main)
Age: 200+
Gender: Female
Sin: Lust
Curse: Manipulation of a persons body senses, heightening their pain or pleasure (must already be in pain/pleasure). Her singing voice can allure others, but only is they are listening and unknown to her intentions. Her voice can only have this effect at night.
Personality: desire to explore, lonely, mysterious, unhinged and unpredictable, curious and naive

Other: Daughter of Undertaker, childhood friend of Dexter and teacher to Pluto  

Name: Hypnos
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Sin: Envy
Personality: He is envious of his brother and father, he too shares their ideals and hates halfbreeds. He is unpredictable and sadistic
Curse: Can manipulate thoughts and dreams but only when the person is asleep and unaware of his presence.

Other: Father of Pluto

Name: Undertaker
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Sin: Sloth
Curse: able to slow speed around that person in a very small area but drains the persons strength
Personality: Lazy, laid back, joker, disturbed and twisted


Name: Pluto
Age: 6
Gender: male
sin: Gluttony
Curse: His mouth becomes a small 'black hole' eating the 'life' from nature over a small radius
Personality: Since he is a child, he desires the most souls and food. He needs to eat more than anyone. He is curious and energetic
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