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 Valar Clan

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PostSubject: Valar Clan    Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:27 am

Territory: Snowy Mountains


>Good defences
>Hidden in the mountain itself, so it's location is unknown
>Little competition from humans and beasts

>Lack of larger prey
>Hostile weather, meaning Lack of crops, supplies, and births

Clan Element: Thunder/Lightning

Name: Lyanna (Main)
Gender: female
Age: 23
Personality: Proud, Strong, Loyal, Stern, Stubborn, she is a just leader, and does whatever is best for her clan
Other: The last leader married her sister, and together they had a son, Gray. After the two died under 'mysterious' circumstances whilst hunting, she took in Gray.

Name: Lightning
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Kirin
Element: Thunder
Weakness: Fire and Water

Name: Dexter/Dex (Main)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: Laid back, flirtatious, cunning, proud of his clan and family, vain of his power at times, joker and cocky at times. immensely loyal

Other: Originally from the SlawterClan, he left his clan in order to escape his family's dark desires. He wanted to leave, in order to prove he was stronger than them all. He is the son of Thanatos, grandson of Alucard, nephew of Hypnos and childhood friend of Lily


Name: Beast
Gender: Male
Element: Thunder
Weakness: Ice
Species: Zinogre

Name: Hel
Gender: Male
Element: Darkness (Dragon)
Weakness: Thunder
Species: Stygian Zinogre

Name: BaBa, 63, female, old fashioned and doesnt take no shit.


Dorian, 32, male, Mature, leader of the warriors, strong, wise, cunning, bit of a drinker

Sebastian (Bas, Seb), 19, male, proud, strong willed, determined, arrogant, hotheaded, collective

Skulduggery, 24, Male, very easy going but can have a darker side, kinda lazy and random at times

Name: Red
Age: 26-27
Gender: Male


Red doesn't really speak much, but he is a devoted member of the clan, and will protect it with his life. He used to from a tribe who trained in combat and developed great physical strength, until he was taken from his homeland as a child. He remained a slave until Lyanna freed him.


Name: Gray
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Family: Lyanna (Aunt/Mother Figure)
Personality: Timid, clingy, anxious and naive


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Valar Clan
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