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Want to be a vampire feeding on the red Delicious warm blood of the living? Or perhaps howl at the moon along with your pack and hunt. Maybe you want to be a warrior of the underworld and bring chaos, or feed upon the souls of humans? If so... join
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 Cirque De Cauchemars

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Cirque de Cauchemars

(Circus Of Nightmares)
The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it, no paper notices plastered on lampposts and billboards. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.
Within these nocturnal black-and-white striped tents awaits an utterly unique, a feast for the senses, where one can get lost in a maze of clouds, meander through a lush garden made of ice. Each Tent home to a different wonder of the world, and the freaks who dwell within

Yet behind the curtain of wonder lies an even greater darkness. Forever lost and shunned from the world, the freaks must live a life of fear and injustice in their small world of the circus. And the man with power controls it with a dark obsession

Welcome to the Freak Show!

Name: Lucifer Mephistopheles (Main)
Stage Name: Phantom
Occupation: Illusionist/ Magician
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Mage (Immortal)

Personality: At first Lucifer is a charming and sophisticated young man, full of life and passion. He happens to be a very skilled tailor and designer, He takes great pride in his work and has a determined attitude. He may seem open and charismatic, but deep down, he's the complete opposite. Lucifer happens to have sociopathic tendencies and is, in theory, insane. He is extremely manipulative and enjoys the suffering of others, especially, if he is the source of their misfortune. He's incredibly astute and a Machiavellian. It is shown he can be rather calm and collective, preferring to work in the shadows and plan ahead. There are times when he is shown to be self-loathing and 'misunderstood' young man, as his morals and ideals differ from others. He has his own laid back and understanding persona, but that is only to those he deems worthy of his presence. A lot of unknown twist and turns are to his doing, as he tries his best to be two people at once. The elegant, alluring tailor and the cold-hearted psychopathic.
Other: His magic comes in the form of black mist/fog

Family: Callahan (Father) Ethel (Mother)

Name: Callahan Cormac
Stage Name: RingMaster
Occupation: Owner and ringmaster of the Circus  
Race: Human
Age: 58
Gender: Male
Personality: Stern and proud, this older freak runs the Circus to his command, or so he thinks. Really he is a softie, but will deny it. He is the 'father' of the freaks, but the biological father of Lucifer. He loves his son, but their estranged relationship has caused them to drift apart.

Name: Ethel Cormac
Stage Name: The Bearded Lady
Occupation: Freak
Race: Human
Age: 56
Gender: Female
Personality: A gentle soul, Ethel cooks, cleans and makes sure the freaks are taken care of. She is a mothering person, and protective of her 'children'. She is deeply upset about her sons behavior, wishing she could somehow get through to him.

Name: Evra Serpentine
Stage Name: Snake Boy
Occupation: Freak,
Race: Human
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Personality: Evra is awkward, nervous and self conscious of his looks, but is kind and playful.

Name: Lyra O'Shay (Main)
Age: 23 (Immortal)
Stage Name: Siren
Occupation: The Contortionist
Race: Succubus (Her touch and voice affects people)
Gender: Female
Personality: Lyra can be bitchy, divaish and up herself at times. She puts on this hard act because she fears being hurt. Deep down, she feels nothing but emptiness and regret. She is flamboyant and spontaneous, and at times be very compassionate.
Other: Born in Ireland 1847, Lyra lived in a well to do home, and worked hard in her studies. Her beauty caused many men to pursue her. One, she actually fell in love with. When she was 16, she fell pregnant, but her lover left her for another. A young mother out of wed-lock, her father took her to the Magdalene laundries, where she gave birth in poor conditions and had her child taken from her. She was forced to remain there, working non stop everyday, beaten and sexual abused by the church. Years later, she found refugee in the Circus, once Callahan bought her out from the laundries. She eventually adopted the young Lily, who she feeds. She feeds off the lifeforce of many pursuers, and gives their bodies to the bloody child.

Name: Alucard Vladimir
Stage Name: Trickster
Occupation: Freak
Age: Unknown (Immortal)
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male  
Personality: Alucard is rather carefree, having a lazy attitude. He likes to stir and cause mischief among the freaks, but is loyal.He's a total womanizer, and lures them into his den to drink from.  

Name: Lily Goldman
Age: 6 (Remains this age)
Stage Name: Ghost
Occupation: Freak
Race: Undead/ghost/reincarnated corpse
Gender: Female
Personality: Lily is rather quite, shy and untrusting around others at first. She fears the world outside the circus, and gets anxious when performing. She enjoys spending time in the woods, and being around the animals in the circus.
Other: A sickly child living in Rural England. Lily grew up with her parents in a small cottage. Her uncle, a warm and funny man she knew, led her on a walk in the woods with her dog. He held tightly onto her hand, as he walked her further from her home. She could remember the river, her dog lashing out at her uncle. His hands holding onto her neck as he held her under. The struggle to breath under the waters depths, and the cold darkness afterwards. She never knew how, but she somehow rose from the dead. Her body is cold and dirty, she'd been nothing but bones for decades. Now, she had flesh, even though it was still dead. She also craved the flesh of the living, which her adopted mother Lyra was more than happy to provide.

Name: Twisty
Stage Name: Twisty the Clown
Race: Human
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Personality: Quiet, doesnt speak, naive, innocent
Other: Twisty has learning difficulties
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Cirque De Cauchemars
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