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 Info on Media rp's!

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PostSubject: Info on Media rp's!   Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:36 pm

Alright everyone Razz here's what media rp's are! If you have a film, book, anime, program etc and you would like to try and rp it out then heres where you can! Cool Basically we would be given characters to rp as in this category. First you must give a summary of the media you wish to rp, then list which each person is rping some can have more than one or different genders.... heres an example

--Example-- X-men


~~~~~~~~~~Plot summary~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Night- Mystic, professor-X
Ice- Jean Gray, rogue
Zeref- Wolverine, Magneto
flame- Bobby (ice man)
Loki- Cyclops, sabertooth

etc etc if I missed anyone.... Its only an example <3

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Info on Media rp's!
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