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 Clan base infomation and deals

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PostSubject: Clan base infomation and deals   Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:13 am

Runeclan- Plains with forest around the main camp and a small stream around the edge. Bonus is the size and amount of food. Their shelters are all manmade out of wood. They are brilliant at fighting in open spaces. Boundaries with the Fallenclan and Magiclan clan

Magiclan- the mountains with a series of caves that can lead to dead ends. Their mains food are goats. They have the advantage of shelter and resources. However in winter they can suffer from lack of food. There is a small stream at the bottom of the mountains.  They live in diffrent caves and mostly rely on ambushes to defend from other clans. To attack they use the advantage of the height oft he mountains. boundries with the Runeclan and Valkyrie clan.

Magiclan and Valkyrie clan:

The magiclan gave Valkyrireclan a mountain to use souly for resources and as a hidden entrance to their clancamp. It was given when valkyrineclan was being attacked by the fallenclan constantly. once every month they supply the clan with food. A deer for every 2 dragons and A deer fore very 3 humans.

Agreed between Damion and Lyanna
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PostSubject: Re: Clan base infomation and deals   Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:26 am

ValkyrieClan - They live in a vast hidden forest surrounded by a large hill and mountain range, sheltering them from the world outside. There are many streams and rivers running from their mountains and a hidden entrance through a great waterfall. They have fewer large prey, only having deer as their larger prey. They have many herbs used for medicine and cooking etc. During winter and migrations they tend to suffer from the lack of larger prey and food.

Fallenclan - They live in the 'outlands', which is known for it's harsh terrain and dangerous swamps. It is nearly impossible to find their hideout, which no know even knows the whereabouts. They are surrounded by a maze of deadly swamps and ruins. They have a lack of food, but make do and use whatever they can. There advantage is defense.


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Clan base infomation and deals
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